Finding Very cheap no deposit car insurance – Things I Couldn’t Do Without The Internet
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Finding Very cheap no deposit car insurance – Things I Couldn’t Do Without The Internet

I’m an internet addict. I admit it. I can’t get through my days without internet access.

Recently I had to. I had to allow an electrician to switch off my electricity all day. I’m honestly surprised I survived. But now I’m back and happily reunited with my beloved wifi. I thought I’d reflect on a few of the day to day things I use my internet connection for.

I don’t like to do grocery shopping at the grocery store because I don’t like to carry heavy objects such as bags. Nor do I like to be around that many people. If I shop online I don’t have to carry anything, I just click on pictures and then the next day a man shows up with the food and carries it into my kitchen for me.

And it doesn’t just stop at food. I buy my car insurance online too. Where else other than online can I get very cheap no deposit car insurance at the click of a button? Or find who has the cheapest auto insurance?

Who watches TV shows at the time they’re actually on TV anymore? No one that’s who. Except maybe my Grandmother, but she’s 92 so she can be excused.

I don’t just buy my food online. I have to use the internet to find out how to eat it too. I can’t cook. I hate it. And have absolutely no desire to remember how to make anything. So, if, for some reason, I have failed at forcing someone to accompany me to a restaurant or cook my meals for me. I have to search online for very detailed instructions as to how to make my own dinner.

Turns out, that I exclusively use methods of communication that require an internet connection. I don’t speak on the phone, and the last time I sent a text message was in 2011. If I don’t have wifi, I’m basically never speaking to anyone I know again unless I accidentally run into them IRL.