Used cars
Used cars

Used cars for sale and no deposit car insurance

I hate car shopping. Like, I really hate it. I always feel like I’m being taken advantage of. I’m pretty convinced that people assume that because I’m a woman, I know nothing about cars and everyone is trying to pull on over on me when it comes buying a used car. The good thing now, though, is we have the internet and I can do all the research I need to to make sure that I’m getting a good deal.

Anyway, I needed a new car. My old hatchback had seen its last road trip and I was ready to say goodbye. I wasn’t surprised, I’d been preparing and saving up money. I was trying to decide if I should get something super cheap and pay for it outright or if I should get a better used car and finance it. There were obvious perks to both but it really came down to how much money did I want to spend and how soon did I want to do this again.

Ugh, I hate car shopping. So, I chose to do a lot of research and try my best to figure out exactly what I wanted and what I should look for before I went shopping. I kept it local and looked for used cars Mississauga ( I found them here: because I figured if I could give my business to someone in my neighborhood, I should.

Thanks to the internet and my paranoia, I was able to find 3 cars in my neighborhood that I liked. I researched each model to find out if they had any big issues and then made sure to ask the dealer when I went to the lot. “I heard that this one has a tendency to have radiator problems when the mileage gets close to 100,000. Is that true?” I mean, I probably sounded like I was making stuff up but I was trying to at least appear that I knew something.

I want to say that it worked but it’s more likely that the dealer I went to was actually a really awesome guy. He answered all of my questions and even let me take the car I wanted to my mechanic so he could check it out. I do trust my mechanic only because he’s my brother-in-law. Anyway, it was a go. The dealer was totally honest and upfront with me and I drove away with an awesome car.

Also since I have very cheap car insurance no deposit I’m paying even less on my used car than my new car. So basically I save money buying a car! If you need no deposit car insurance check out: