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Found a great nail salon near me in Langhorne

nail salon near me

Just the other day, I was doing some random googling when I came across this site. It was about the inauguration of a new nail salon near me.

The advertisement stated that the nail salon is offering a free pedicure and manicure to every person registering his or her names on that day. Therefore, out of curiosity, I decided to try it. Of course, it was not going to cost me a dime. There was no harm in having a session. The first thing I did that day was to register my name as a first-day client.

I must say that the courtesy shown by the staff was exemplary. I was amazed at the ambience of the salon. It was a spacious premise in all respects. On the D-day, I was surprised to receive a call from the salon reminding me of the appointment later in the day. This was marketing at its best.

I was expecting a huge crowd on the first day. There were quite a few people when I reached there for my complimentary session. I insisted on doing a round of the salon to have a first-hand experience of the hygiene facilities. I must admit that the facilities were of the top drawer.

When my turn came for the manicure, I was in for a pleasant experience. The girl attending to me did not look much older than my daughter was. However, I was amazed at the level of professionalism displayed by this nail technician. This is how they refer to them in this industry.

She gave me a beautiful pedicure and foot massage. It was an exhilarating feeling. After my manicure, she offered to give my nails a healthy coat of nail polish. She gave me a choice of colors and brands to choose. I must be frank in admitting that I did not expect a simple nail-cutting job to be this professional in nature. This has changed my perception of maintaining my nails. She gave me free advice on the foods I should and should not have for the healthy growth of my nails. I have since decided to introduce my daughter and husband to this service as well.

Anyway, if you’re looking for nail or hair salons near you I highly recommend checking out:, should be great even if you don’t live in Langhorne 🙂