Cheap Car Insurance

Got a great deal on Car insurance

I don’t want to push products or services on club members, but I really wanted to share this.

My husband is an insurance agent so he knows a thing or two about car insurance. Anyway straight to the point, he found an great site that for finding cheap car insurance:

I’ve used the site above myself to find and compare insurance companies, than my husband called in did his thing ( we got an awesome deal through his connections). While we would have gotten an amazing deal regardless or not that my husband is an insurance agent, It helped speed up the auto insurance comparison process.

If you’re a busy person I highly recommend checking it out. Also here’s an awesome guide on who has the cheapest auto insurance. The quotes tool on has a lot of great features. I was even able to find cheap full coverage car insurance.

Anyway that’s enough of my glowing review of the website above.

P.S I know this sounds like a sponsorship, but it’s not. This is 100% my opinion. I was not paid for this!!! Wish I was though, can’t recommend the site above enough. Hope it helps you as much as it did me.


Welcome to Lang Horne Moms Club

moms club

Thank you for visiting the Lang Horne Moms Club

My name is Jessy, and I decided to create a moms club here in Lang Horne since the previous club I was a part of feel apart over time.

It’s time for a fresh start!

So if you’re a mom in Lang Horne and want to connect with other mom’s this clubs for you. I’ll be making a facebook group very soon. If you’re interested in joining please message me your name and facebook account. You can email me at

I’m looking to getting at least 5 interested people before our first meeting. Don’t be shy and email me!

Don’t worry I’m completely normal!